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They are all designed to encourage whole health for girls and women, inside and out.

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iGrow Girl...
unleashes a girl's ability to discover who she is and be fearless in being the best authentic version of herself through in-person and online learning. We take girls and young women (ages 8 through 20) on a journey of self-discovery and bring mom along for the adventure! 

Amazing, but we want more.
Self-discovery is amazing--no doubt! But when a girl learns to practice whole health and wellness inside and out, while being true to the unique person she is, then she will be super-powered. We use our girl-centered workbooks, workshops and events to equip each girl with the tools she needs to stay on a lifelong path of physical, relational, emotional and mental health. Top it off by strengthening a healthy mother/daughter bond and that girl will be super-powered AND unstoppable!

Wanna know a secret?
iGrow Girl moms don't only discover exciting things about their daughters, but often learn new things about themselves! And we all have space in our healthful tool belts for new and practical health and wellness tips.

Start your girl's adventure of discovery today! 
iGrow Girl age groups:

Elementary School Age (8-10 yrs)  

Middle & Jr. High (11-13 yrs)

Teen (14-17 yrs)

Young Adults (18-20 yrs)


We understand that some girls are not able to attend with their moms, so we welcome girls who want to attend with another mother-like relative or guardian. And, be on the lookout! Every now and then, we'll surprise you with a fun  "daddy and daughter" event.

What is "the one thing" every girl should know?

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8 - 10 yrs

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Middle & Jr. High

11 - 13 yrs



14 - 17 yrs

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Young Adult

18 - 20 yrs

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