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Happy Family


Everything we do is designed to

lead girls and women toward

whole health.


Check out our fun and

engaging mother & daughter

activities, events and resources,

where moms and daughters grow

to understand, recognize and

pursue whole health.

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Meet Karen Howard Lee


Hello and welcome! I'm the founder of iGrow Girl and author of the book, It’s Good For A Girl To Know Who She Is. 


The activities and resources we offer at iGrow Girl were born out of my passion as a mom and girl advocate. We invite you to join this diverse community of women and girls who pursue health and wellness in every aspect of life.

We offer classes and activities for moms and their daughters, elementary school age to young adults. Click below to learn more about each age group.

Elementary School Age (8-10 yrs)  

Middle School (11-13 yrs)

Teen (14-17 yrs)

Young Adult (18-20 yrs)

Which mom are you?

What do you say?

All I can do is hope that my daughter will make healthy choices.

We hope so, too! But at iGrow Girl, we know that hope needs help. The first step to choosing whole health is to understand what it is. We will help you and your girl do just that through our workshops, books and classes.


You don't have to do it alone. You and your daughter can join our safe and supportive community--a diverse group of moms and daughters learning to make healthful choices.

We understand that some girls are not able to attend with their moms, so we welcome girls who want to attend with another mother-like relative or guardian. 

Our unique activity model is designed for mom and daughter teams. In our activities, you'll both learn to recognize whole health in real life experiences.


When you participate in these learning experiences with your daughter, you'll be ready to reinforce all the things you've learned together when your girl encounters real life situations and challenges.


Plus, you get the added bonus of nurturing your mother/daughter bond while making memories and having fun.

Mother and Daughter

Please contact us to arrange private group sessions. Group sessions available for parties, clubs, schools, and homeschool. 

We offer in-person options in San Antonio, TX  and surrounding areas.

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