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About Karen

Karen Howard Lee is a communicator, speaker, facilitator, business owner, and author of the book It’s Good For A Girl To Know Who She Is.


Karen’s book and her social enterprise company, iGrow Girl, were born out of her passion as a mom and girl advocate to help healthy girls grow into healthy women. Her mission is to empower girls and women through self-discovery, self-definition and a life-long pursuit of physical, emotional, and relational health and well-being. Karen’s mantra: “It’s better to raise a healthy girl than to repair a broken woman.”

Karen is an experienced author, presenter and speaker on girl empowerment and mother/daughter relationship building. She regularly speaks at churches, retreats, author events, and community functions.

Before moving to Texas and starting iGrow Girl in 2017, Karen’s popular Mother/Daughter programs were in high demand in Washington state and Southern California where moms and their daughters attended her, “Just Who Do You Think You Are?” workshop series. Her book and workshops continue to gain popularity as the movement for female empowerment grows. 

Karen describes herself as happy, friendly, and intentional--doing everything with purpose. Her warm and inviting energy are key ingredients of her gift of connection. As a mom who has raised two adult daughters, Karen uses relatable mother/daughter experiences and storytelling to connect with an audience.


Fresh, positive, and always uplifting, her message to “be who you are, and be the best you” is embraced by the girls and women she speaks to. 

Karen’s vision for iGrow Girl is to be the center of a far-reaching community where girls and women of every age are empowered and given the tools to discover who they are, be the best they can be, and become inspired to pursue a life of health and wellness inside and out!

About iGrow Girl

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