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About iGrow Girl


iGrow Girl is a social enterprise company with a mission to unleash a girl's ability to discover who she is and be fearless in being the best authentic version of herself. We take girls and young women (ages 8 through 20) on a journey of self-discovery and bring mom along for the adventure! We use our mother/daughter events and resources to empower girls and women of all ages with the tools to practice self-care, health and wellness inside and out (physical, relational, emotional and mental). 


Our girl-centered workbook, workshops, events and programs encompass the two Fs: We are fresh and fun. 


In all that we do, iGrow Girl brings fresh ideas. We teach practical tools and share valuable resources that girls and their families can embrace or personalize to make their own. 


We always include elements of fun because having fun is important to emotional, mental and relational health. In addition to bringing girls joy, it broadens our community because, let's face it, who doesn’t like to have fun?


Our online events are awesome, and we really enjoy getting together face-to-face. But what we enjoy most, is creating a safe community of like-minded girls and women advocates. 


Being a part of a supportive community that helps girls to stay on a life-long path of health and wellness inside and out; growing, sharing and learning meaningful truths and practices--and having fun while doing it-- is what drives us.

About Karen Howard Lee

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