Three Ways You Can Promote A Healthy Body Image In Your Daughter

With the type of media going on in the United States it is important to stay on top of promoting a healthy body image in your daughter. When I was first informed that I was having a baby girl, I couldn't believe it. After all, my first thought was I was so wrong about the size of my baby bump, as was everyone else who had commented on it! My daughter is now three years old, and I now find myself tasked with molding her overall feminine identity. Promoting a healthy body image is, I feel, one of the most important parts of the molding process. After going through a lot of thinking, I've come up with the following three different ways that I prefer to do that. Don't Use the “Us vs. Them” Rheto

Choosing The Right Line

You don’t hear many favorable airport stories about TSA agents these days, but I’ve got one—and it’s a true story! A TSA agent once shared words of wisdom with me that led to an epiphany. A few years ago, I hurried into the San Diego International airport to catch a flight to Chicago. I rushed to the back of a long security line and prepared myself for a lengthy wait. After a couple of minutes of fiddling with my phone and craning my neck to see if the line was moving, I faintly heard a droning male voice floating toward me from the security check point. The voice was repeating a mantra over and over in a tired melody as if the speaker was bored with the sameness of the message. I strained t

The Secret To Raising A Tween Girl Who Is Smart And Safe

Raising and instilling confidence in tween girls is not an easy task, and neither is raising one who is smart and kept safe. In terms of frustrations, there really is nothing that beats challenges such as choosing the right media, establishing screen limits, and figuring out mobile apps like Snapchat. At first, we believe we're raising our children to be proverbial digital natives, yet, at the same time, we're expected to be the experts; however, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, the best way to help you child maintain a healthy relationship with media is to become their media mentor. We always think that we have all of the answers. If we don't, we just stick our heads into

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