What Biology Doesn't Do

Remind your tween to be herself and do her best, especially when others try to limit her because of who she is or how she looks. Each girl determines her own future!

Ten Lucrative Side Gigs for Single Parents: No Babysitter Required

Photo via Pixabay Being a single parent is not only exhausting, but it’s expensive. As a cash-strapped single mom or dad, you can only sell your kids’ outgrown clothes and skimp on cable for so long. There comes a time when you simply need to bring in more money. According to CNN, more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle these days. Working on the side without sacrificing tons of valuable family time may seem impossible, but it can be done. Here are 10 lucrative side gigs to inspire you. Child care. You can earn $15-$25 per hour for bringing another child into your home. By posting your profile on sites such as Care.com or UrbanSitter, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find a g

I Am Special Just Like You

My husband told me that while he was growing up, his mom often reminded him that he was special… just like everyone else. What a useful principle to remember and to teach tweens! Try discussing the principle with your kids--explaining that sometimes we will be very similar to others in the way we look or think. Other times, we will not be alike at all. Either way, each individual is valuable and has unique gifts, talents, and experiences that no one else on the planet has. That’s worth celebrating! It might be fun to make a game of it. See who can list the most similarities, differences, and talents between two people you know. At the end of the game, thoughtfully read through the list toget

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