A Girl's Happiness Depends On It

Our happiness depends on the quality of our thinking. Begin the day with thoughts of what is true, right, pure and lovely. Then go and slay the day!

She Did What She Could

Instead of obsessing over things that are beyond your control, give your effort, time and attention to the things that you can improve. You'll have a much brighter day!

Make Your Days Balanced and Beachy

Begin each day with a plan to create the best balance between investing in your relationships (spiritual, family, friends, community); taking care of yourself (physical and mental health, rest, and recreation); pursuing your purpose and being productive. Each group supports the other. Relationships are the foundation. If they are good, you are encouraged to be healthy. If you have good relationships and are taking care of yourself, you can be super productive! And then... the beach!🌴🌴

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