Make it a good one!

Today is a good day for a good day. Strike a pose and kill it with girl magic! 💅💅🏾

This is it!

If you're looking for a sign to do that amazing, exciting but scary thing you've been thinking and dreaming about--this is that sign!

Improving Your In-Home Air Quality Is the Key to Your Family’s Health

Image courtesy of Pixabay Are you providing healthy air for your children to breathe? Many people find it disturbing to know the air quality in their homes could be unhealthy. Even more upsetting is discovering your in-home air quality could be contributing to illnesses due to invisible hazardous particles. How can you nip trouble in the bud when you can’t see the cause? Here are some suggestions for identifying sources of potential danger to you and your children, and cleaning up your home’s air. Worse inside than out. Most of us assume our home is a haven for our family members, protecting us from all the dangers of the outside world. However, most people’s homes are actually a haven

Grow and Learn

Good memories depend on how we interact with people and how we experience the places we go. Choose to show kindness and respect. If others go low, you go high!

It's Impossible Until It's Not

Today is International Day of Girls, an annual international observance day declared by the United Nations on October 11, 2012. Celebrate girls! Ask a girl in your life about her dreams for her future and then help her to make them a reality. #internationaldayofthegirl #internationalgirlsday#motheranddaughter #tweengirls #girlconfidence #tweengirlconfidence#girlselfesteem #girlsrock

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