An Anti-Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

Source: Pexels An Anti-Cyberbullying Guide for Parents Bullying can be defined as “an intentional behavior that hurts, harms, or humiliates a student, either physically or emotionally, and can happen at school, in the community or online,” according to, a national bullying prevention center that also offers that “those bullying often have more social or physical ‘power’ while those targeted have difficulty stopping the behavior.” The term bullying was not actually publicly recognized until a newspaper The Times first raised awareness to the crucial issues of bullying and consequences. Today, bullying is viewed much differently, especially as technological advances have permeated ou

Fill Your Jars With Good Stuff

Each day is like an empty jar, giving us new opportunities and a fresh start. Begin the day by choosing to put good stuff in your jar. #create #dream #choosewisely #beproductive #showloveandkindness #practiceselfcare #beresourceful #slayingit #beAmaker #bewhoyouare #tweengirlconfidence

Pick Your Color and Glow

A good reminder for our tweens--and for us! Like these eggs, we may have a lot common, but each one is always EGGSquisitely and EGGScitingly unique. Choose your own color, then shine and glow!

Dress For Success

1) Pick a pair of positive pants. 2) Put them on. 3) Have the best day!

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