Walk Like This

On your way to living a dream or achieving a goal? Even if you have a ways to go, you're closer now than you were yesterday. Keep moving. Stay woke. Live life on purpose and with purpose!

The Gift of The Day is Today

Today is a gift. Open it. Embrace it. Bedazzle it. Love yourself. Love somebody else. Fly. Walk. Run. Build a castle... or a fort. Smell the flowers... or the coffee. Write a note, a song, a poem. Do something good. But please DON’T waste it.

The Best Tips for Soon-to-Be Moms and Dads with Disabilities

Image courtesy of Pixabay With a little one on the way, all parents tend to feel overwhelmed at times. If you’re a soon-to-be father or mother living with a disability, you have unique circumstances, but a little planning and careful preparation can be a big confidence booster. Follow these tips so you can go into parenthood well-equipped and self-assured. Put the Future First None of us like to think about the inevitable, but all parents need to consider what will happen to their child should something happen to them. One way to ensure your baby’s future is secure is by putting your final wishes in order. Have a last will and testament prepared, ensure your life insurance is up to date or g

What Friends Are For

A little help from a friend can go a long way. Give it and accept it. It'sa great way to grow trust, respect, and loyalty in a healthy relationship. 👯‍♀️

Share Your Glow. Watch It Grow.

Share your light and watch it grow! Encourage, lead, teach, and support. The one you positively influence may influence two, and so on, and so on.... 💞

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