The Magic of A Grateful Heart

Gratitude changes everything! Take 30 seconds right now to list things that you're sincerely grateful for and watch what happens. Like magic, your perspective, attitude and mood will improve. It will! Try it! ☀️

Make Girl Talk A Super Power

It's great to voice thoughts, opinions and dreams. It's even better to turn helpful words into kind deeds and new ideas into admirable achievements. Could that be a super power? Able to say wonderful words while doing exceptional things!

In The Land of Sisterhood

This could be our reality, but it would require every woman and every girl doing her part with kindness and in honesty.

Inhale Confidence

Deep breaths my friend! Exhale past mistakes, doubt and closed doors. Breathe in lessons learned, confidence and future wins... and life will smell real good. 🌹😌 #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #Tween #Girltalk #momanddaughter #Girlsinthehouse #girlup

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