A Smile Goes On and On

Someone sent me a smile today, so I'm sending one to you. Take it and pass it on. 😁 #haveagoodGoodFriday #motheranddaughter#FridayFeeling #Goodvibes

Stay-Fit Strategies for Single Parents

Photo via Pixabay Sticking to an exercise plan when you’re lacking in time, money, and energy can be tough. And, as a single parent, all three valuable commodities might be in short supply. But staying strong and fit will set a great example for your kids and encourage them to be active alongside you. That said, committing to an active lifestyle will put your family in the minority among Americans. Statistics show only one in three kids are physically active every day—although government guidelines call for 60 minutes of daily physical activity—and only one in three adults logs the 150 minutes of recommended moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. Taking Time for You Finding 150 minut

Where You Belong

Find the tribe where you can be your best self. #momanddaughter #bethebestyoucanbe #truebelonging #mondaymotivation

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