Be Real Not Perfect

Happy "No One Is Perfect So Just Be Your Best Self" day! Okay, so I made that up. But go with it... today, tomorrow and the next day. 😉


There should be more dancing... especially on Fridays!💃🏾👯‍♀️🕺#FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #momanddaughter #girlconfidence #tween

Three B's Can Make You Fly

Be your best self and you will soar! #findyourtribe #thoughtfortuesday#motheranddaughter #girlconfidence

Financial Planning Tips for Parents: How to Get Started

Photo via Pixabay by Firmbee Planning for your financial future can be a scary thing, especially if you have kids or plan to. No one can see where the road will take them in three or five years, and that inability to know what the future holds is often what brings us stress and anxiety. Even if you begin saving now, there may be unforeseen circumstances at home that require you to dip into that money, from a broken water heater to new brakes for the car. Trying to plan for all the things life throws at you and still have enough for the cost of raising a child can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do now to prepare for the future. It’s not enough to simply

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