Break Up and Break Free

Now is a good time for us to break free and break up with the destructive habit of negative self-talk. No more hurtful words from ourselves or anyone else. Spread the love. Share it with your kids and those around you.

Tips for Parents to Handle the Tough Stuff and Give Kids Guidance as They Grow

Photo credit: Pixabay No one expects parenting to be easy, but what many of us don’t expect is just how many challenges will come our way as kids grow. Our job as parents is to find the best ways to help kids navigate these challenges. This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the top issues kids and their parents go through together. We know some of these problems will sound familiar, which is why we also have positive solutions to help steer your child in the right direction. Challenging Behavior Dealing with challenging behavior starts as soon as toddlerhood, when little ones begin testing limits. But what’s cute from toddlers, like dropping their sippy cup on purpose to

Rise and See

When we rise above challenges, fears, negativity and doubt, we get a clear view of what is possible. Let's teach girls to hold space for themselves to do good, pursue dreams and passions, and be extraordinarily unique. 🦋

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