Connection, How Sweet It Is

Genuine connection with our kids, other family members and friends is a sweet and special gift; the kind that we’d all love to have more of. Let’s treasure the best moments of connection when we leave the craziness outside and hold space for each other. #healtheworld #fightcovid19together #motheranddaughter #mondaymotivation #tween #girlconfidence

Sharing Your Favorites

We can watch the sunset almost everyday from wherever we are, whether inside or out. What if we watched more sunsets with our kids and other loved ones, and talked about our favorite things? Do they know your favorite color? Do you know theirs?🌤 🌈🏝🦄

Feeling Good Friday

Let's keep up the good work! We're making a difference and the hard work is paying off. I'm feeling good today--hopeful and thankful. HOW ARE YOU? It's ok if you're not feeling optimistic today. Be honest and get help if you need it.🥰🙏🏾🌷 #fightcovid19together #healtheworld #itsgoodfriday #fridayfeeling #motheranddaughter #tween #girlconfidence

Gratitude Today and Hope Tomorrow

It would be great if we could wake up with a positive outlook and a plan to do good things; and then end the day by counting our blessings no matter how small. ☀️🙌🏾 #fightcovid19together #healtheworld #motheranddaughter #tween #girlconfidence

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