December 29, 2018

On your way to living a dream or achieving a goal? Even if you have a ways to go, you're closer now than you were yesterday. Keep moving. Stay woke. Live life on purpose and with purpose!

December 20, 2018

Today is a gift. Open it. Embrace it. Bedazzle it. Love yourself. Love somebody else. Fly. Walk. Run. Build a castle... or a fort. Smell the flowers... or the coffee. Write a note, a song, a poem. Do something good. But please DON’T waste it.


Image courtesy of Pixabay

With a little one on the way, all parents tend to feel overwhelmed at times. If you’re a soon-to-be father or mother living with a disability, you have unique circumstances, but a little planning and careful preparation can be a big confidenc...

December 12, 2018

A little help from a friend can go a long way. Give it and accept it. It'sa great way to grow trust, respect, and loyalty in a healthy relationship. 👯‍♀️

December 5, 2018

Share your light and watch it grow! Encourage, lead, teach, and support. The one you positively influence may influence two, and so on, and so on.... 💞

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