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The Secret To Raising A Tween Girl Who Is Smart And Safe

Raising and instilling confidence in tween girls is not an easy task, and neither is raising one who is smart and kept safe. In terms of frustrations, there really is nothing that beats challenges such as choosing the right media, establishing screen limits, and figuring out mobile apps like Snapchat. At first, we believe we're raising our children to be proverbial digital natives, yet, at the same time, we're expected to be the experts; however, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, the best way to help you child maintain a healthy relationship with media is to become their media mentor.

We always think that we have all of the answers. If we don't, we just stick our heads into the sand and just hope that the best possible thing will happen in the end. More often than not, however, taking the middle road is always seen as being the best thing to do. Approximately 10,000 families in North America were surveyed, and as a result, it was discovered that some parent chose to put a very strict limit on what their children both watched and played, especially if their children were young in age. The survey also found that there were some parents who chose to allow their children to control their own screen time and come to terms with the idea that more technology is good technology. It was also found that approximately one-third of parents decided to constantly engage in media with their children, regardless of how old they were, and that the children experienced better outcomes in terms of not accessing pornography, talking to strangers online, etc.

raising a tween girl who is smart , safe, and confident

Here are a few steps that you should take in order to become a media mentor to your child.

Talk About Technology and Media

In 2015, around 87% on tweens stated that their parents always regularly talked to them about internet safety. These are conversations that should include topics such as the following:

*Creating strong passwords

*Stranger danger

Learn, Watch, and Play Together

Any media mentor will always watch movies, download mobile apps, and play video games with their children. They'll also take the time to share videos and explore music together. Even though this may not happen all the time, doing your best to remain engaged and show interest will always breed all kinds of comfort and companionship.

Follow Your Child's Interests

Regardless of what it may be, you always know what kind of stuff your child is into. Because of that, you can use those interests to support all kinds of positive engagement with them when it comes to technology and media. For instance, consider taking some kind of class together or even search for cool mobile apps together.

These are just a few tips on the secret to raising a tween girl who is smart, safe, and confident. For more information and / or if you have any questions about this article please feel free to contact us today.

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