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I Am Special Just Like You

My husband told me that while he was growing up, his mom often reminded him that he was special… just like everyone else. What a useful principle to remember and to teach tweens! Try discussing the principle with your kids--explaining that sometimes we will be very similar to others in the way we look or think. Other times, we will not be alike at all. Either way, each individual is valuable and has unique gifts, talents, and experiences that no one else on the planet has. That’s worth celebrating!

It might be fun to make a game of it. See who can list the most similarities, differences, and talents between two people you know. At the end of the game, thoughtfully read through the list together and it’s likely to turn into a meaningful conversation about one of the similarities, differences or talents that the two of you listed. Use your and your tween’s curiosity and creativity to discover the endless topics for a memorable talk.

Regularly revisiting the “you’re special just like everyone else” principle can be a great tool for us and our tweens. It will help us avoid feelings of superiority and inferiority, give us the confidence to discover our gifts and talents, and the courage to be who we really are. #tweengirl #motherdaughter #girlconfidence

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