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Complaint Cleansing Helps the Sun Shine Through

A sunny state of mind is essential to mental and emotional wellbeing and can begin with a complaint cleanse 🚿. Consider the list of complaints we make during a day—about the weather, the long line at the coffee shop or the slow speed of the internet. Each complaint can create feelings of frustration and ingratitude that build up over time clouding our perspective and weighing us down.

Our words have power and can make a positive or negative impact on us, our environment and on the people around us. Let’s be intentional about nixing the negativity with a complaint cleanse. Try to avoid complaining for a certain amount of time. But don’t stop there. Remember the phrase from back in the day, “turn that frown upside down?” Apply that principle by turning a complaining thought into one of gratitude. We’ll not only feel better overall, but those negative feelings will start to be crowded out by positive thoughts of thankfulness. Think about it, apply it and share it with someone you care for. Let’s spread the health! iGrow Girl & Contagious Health 🧼🧽🙏🏾

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