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Have You Checked In Today? Just checkin'

Short and simple mental/emotional health practice. When it comes to mental health, some often wait until it’s time to “fix” what’s wrong. Wouldn’t it be better if—starting right now—we choose to be intentional and pay attention to mental fitness routinely, even when we feel emotionally healthy and vibrant?

Daily routine practices that boost emotional fitness can also increase our confidence and give us a more positive outlook on challenges we face. One way to boost mental fitness is to do an emotional temperature check daily. We should ask ourselves how we’re feeling and then answer truthfully. Think or talk through the negative feelings. Why do we feel this way, and what’s the best way deal with the feeling? We can do this as many times a day as we need.

The simple habit of sifting through our emotions and trying to understand them is a helpful and healthful exercise. Try it and share the idea with someone you care for. Let’s spread the health. iGrow Girl and Contagious Health 🤒🤔😊

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