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Inspire and Be Inspired

Relational health habit - Have you ever thought about your relationship to inspiration? Do you spend time being inspired or inspiring others often? Sometimes? Hardly ever?

When we look for daily inspiration and intentionally inspire those around us, we mentally and emotionally stimulate ourselves and others to feel or do something positive or creative. And that enhances a healthy relationship with ourselves and the ones we inspire.

Follow these tips to establish and grow a healthy relationship with inspiration with ease or EEE’s: 😉

  1. Enlighten - learn new and interesting things and share your new found knowledge with friends and family.

  2. Encourage - offer support, confidence and hope to someone who needs it. And surround yourself with people who will encourage you to flourish.

  3. Entertain - delight and motivate someone with your personal story or an inspiring story that you’ve heard. Who doesn’t like a good story about overcoming, succeeding and following our dreams? Make it a daily habit to find positive, inspiring stories through podcasts, books, and videos.

Create a healthy relationship with inspiration by being inspired and inspiring as often as you can. Let’s spread the health. iGrow Girl and Contagious Health 👯‍♀️🦋

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