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Something to Laugh About

Short and simple mental/emotional health practice. Get in as many full belly laughs as often you can—at least one a day!

Laughing can lighten a tense or gloomy emotional situation and relieve built-up body tension and stress. When we laugh our muscles can continue in a relaxed state for 30–45 minutes. Laughing (even just smiling) releases serotonin and endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals of the brain which gives a boost to our emotional well-being. These chemicals make us happy and can reduce perceptions of pain.

And finally, when we laugh, our lungs expand and contract as we let a lot of air in and out. This process is similar to deep breathing techniques used to relieve stress. Deep laughter sends more oxygen-rich nutrients and blood throughout the body which helps improve our immune systems and infection-fighting antibodies.

These are just a few of the great emotional and physical health benefits of laughing out loud. Make it a point to find something to laugh about today and share the laughter with a friend, family member or someone you care about. Let’s spread the health! iGrow Girl and Contagious Health 🤣😂

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