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The Art of the Daydream

Short and simple mental/emotional health practice. Do you practice the art of daydreaming?

Mindfulness and being in the present are, no doubt, good practices. But a routine bit of daydreaming can result in a few surprising benefits: 1. It can be helpful in self-discovery, pointing us to our passions, purpose and vision. 2. It can stimulate the right brain which controls creativity and problem solving. 3. Imagining what we want to achieve is like creating an animated vision board and can help us set goals and a plan to work toward the dream.

A lot of us daydream throughout the day, but practicing the art would require a little more intention. Set aside time to break away from devices and distractions. Soak in a hot bath, sit and listen to music, walk or run—whatever works best for you. Set out to do some positive reflective thinking and see where the dream takes you.

Consider it a micro mental vacay. Get fancy and keep a journal of your daydreams. Wouldn’t it be interesting to look back a year from now and see that you’ve moved closer to your goals or that your dreams have changed? If you like this idea, share it with the fam or someone you care about. Let’s spread the health! iGrow Girl and Contagious Health 🌻🤩❤️

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